DarkRyder Computer Systems

  • We provide many services Including but not limited to; Custom built computers, computer repair, computer networking, network installations, hardware replacement, on-site services.
  • We also perform virus removal and also help you learn how to prevent further infections.
  • We also offer 1 on 1 Computer Training, contact us and set up an appointment today!
  • If there is something that has a cable plugged into it, there’s a good chance we can fix it!
  • If there is something you aren’t sure if we can fix, shoot us an email or call us and we’ll see what we can do for ya.

DarkRyder Computer Repair

Custom Built PCs

  • In most cases you can build a custom pc to suit your needs, for what you can pay for a pre-built pc at the store.
  • You get the piece of mind that your investment will last longer, and was built with great quality parts.
  • Every part comes with a warranty from the Manufacturer depending on the part, the length of warranty will vary.
  • Most Memory comes with lifetime warranty, Evga warranties their videocards with lifetime as well. Pretty much everything else comes with a 2-3 year warranty.
  • Overclocking and Watercooling is available on special orders.
  • Computer repair and part replacement, to virus removal and software installation.Computer equipment and parts DarkRyder computer services uses the high quality parts in our computer builds and repairs. Please check out or DarkRyder auction for our computer parts deals!